Who are we

Who are we

Who are we


Corporate Entity: Joint Company
Date of Incorporation: Since 1980

Company's Classification

The company is classified by Central Tenders Committee for civil works. The company executed multiple major and medium size projects at several areas in Kuwait.

Company's Address & Location

Subhan – Block (6) – St. 102 – Building (112-114) Banks Street

Company's Division

  1. AL-SA`ED Tiles & Marbles Factory together with principal offices (2000 m2 – Subhan)
  2. AL-SA`ED Cement Bricks & Marble Factory (5000 m2 – Amghara – Major Contractors)
  3. Company` s Warehouses (5000 m2 – Amghara)
  4. AL-SA`ED Chain of Stores (Shuweikh Ind. Area – Bank Street)

About Us

AL-SA`ED TRADING CO. was established in 1980 to carry on general trading and contracting activity. It commenced its activity by carrying out several construction projects either for governmental or private bodies. It has been classified as a (contractor) by Kuwait Municipality. In the course of its business, the company tended to be engaged in the field pertinent to insulators carrying out many major projects, a matter which made it a leading company in insulators` field. In 1988, the company opened the first factory for producing mosaic tiles. For doing so, the company equipped the factory with the latest Italian facilities. Within a few years, the company has become distinguished with accuracy and high quality products of mosaic tiles at the major projects entrusted to it noting that the company opened its second factory. Due to the increased demand for mosaic tiles, the company opened its second factory in Amghara Industrial Area. Such factory has become one of the leading mosaic tile factories in Kuwait. Our company` s daily production exceeds 3500 m2 per day. The company commenced producing top quality 40x40 concrete tiles. Such product was certified by the Public Authority of Industry (PAI) and by many several governmental authorities. Furthermore, the company opened a factory for marble cutting and polishing fitting the same with state-of-the-art equipment securing a stock comprising all types of marble to meet projects` orders. In 2005, the Commercial Division contracted with National Industries Company as a distributor authorized to distribute its products. Ever since, till the date hereof, the company holds the first position among distributors in State of Kuwait. In 2016, AL-SA`ED Trading Co. has become the exclusive agent of GCC and the Middle East for flexible natural stone veneer products.

The Company Has

  1. A division pertinent to contracting.
  2. A mosaic and cement brick production factory at Subhan Industrial Area at a daily production capacity of 1000 m2.
  3. A cement brick production factory at Amghara Industrial Area (Major Contractors) at a daily production capacity of 2500 m2.
  4. A marble cutting and polishing factory at Amghara Industrial Area (Major Contractors).
  5. A warehouse on a space of 5000 m2 at Amghara Industrial Area for storing all types of marble.
  6. A number of (2) exhibitions for displaying and distributing construction material at Shuweikh Industrial Area.
  7. A division for producing anti-humidity and heat insulation works.
  8. A fleet of large, medium vehicles and lifts for delivery orders to projects and customers.
  9. Commercial Division in connection with factories` agencies in respect of all building material including flexible natural stone veneer products as well as their exclusive agency rights composing 28 countries.

Certified Organizations

  1. The Public Authority of Industry (PAI).
  2. Ministry of Public Works (MPW).
  3. The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW).
  4. Ministry of Defense (MOD).
  5. Approved Engineering Bureaus (Private Projects).
  6. Interior Designs Offices.
  7. Major contracting companies.
The company could implement many construction projects and other traditional systems noting that it was the first company to carry out important projects including, for example but without limitation, residential towers, private accommodation villas and other governmental projects.
Flexible natural stone veneer products: - AL-SA`ED Company is the exclusive authorized agent for GCC & the Middle East in connection with such products.

We are the world class engineering manufacturer
providing the highest quality products, services and
solutions to our customers.